14 MAY 2018

When families are looking to vacation in South Carolina, the first place that comes to mind is the Grand Strand. Right in the middle of the Grand Strand is the area’s most popular tourist destination, Myrtle Beach. While this little town has its own claim to fame as one of the best vacationing spots on the East Coast, there are other charming beach communities that form one long, continuous chain down the beach.

One of these small communities is North Myrtle Beach. It’s easy to confuse Myrtle Beach with North Myrtle Beach, but folks that have been coming down for a long time know that there are several distinctions between the neighboring cities. NMB is its own town, not the “northern” part of Myrtle Beach. People who spend their vacation here have quite a different experience from those staying a little further south.

The most noticeable difference may be the crowds. While Highway 17 can be congested for miles, traffic seems to be lighter up in NMB. In the summer, there are always people outside enjoying the beachside amusement park and shops on Main Street, but cars will never crowd the area, making for a relaxing drive wherever you need to go. NMB is much smaller than Myrtle Beach, so you’ll get the feeling you’re in a safe, friendly community right away.

Even though NMB is smaller, don’t think you’ll have to sacrifice entertainment while you’re here. There is just as much to see and do as in Myrtle Beach. There are two theaters that feature variety shows, as well as the House of Blues, Alligator Adventure, mini golf, and countless restaurants to discover. And, NMB has multiple ful-size golf courses in the area. Barefoot Landing is a central hub for shopping and dining and is just minutes away from your Ocean Drive Beach Rentals condo.

So when you are planning your week here, make us your home base. From there you can enjoy the best the South Carolina beach has to offer!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals