17 OCT 2018

Considering a trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC? It's one of the best beach destinations on the East Coast — but here are a handful of other reasons to vacation here if you're not already convinced.

1. Pleasant Weather 

North Myrtle Beach has such a mild climate that folks come year round to enjoy it. As the summer heats up, vacationers stay cool by playing in the surf or hanging out on the breezy beach. While temperatures inland can approach 100 degrees, the beach stays quite a bit cooler, making it even more irresistible. In the winter months, we enjoy temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees on most days, making for an enjoyable season for snowbirds and off-season vacationers.

2. Ideal Location

While Myrtle Beach is an exciting destination for millions of vacationers, it is becoming notorious for crowded beaches, congested traffic, and declining accommodations. However, it still offers some of the best attractions, dining, and shopping anywhere on the eastern seaboard. North Myrtle Beach is growing in popularity because it is still close to great attractions and activities, but is much less crowded. Families who want to enjoy a quieter vacation come to us because our little community offers more breathing room and a “small town” type of environment, especially around Main Street. North Myrtle Beach is a convenient drive-to destination as well, within a day’s drive from most major cities in the eastern time zone.

3. Countless Attractions

Just talk to anyone who has vacationed here, and they’ll tell you how much there is to do around Myrtle Beach. We have every type of entertainment you can imagine. Want to play a round of golf? We have that. See alligators and sharks up close? Check and check. Get a bird’s eye view of the beach from 200 feet? No problem. Hold a baby tiger? Yes, even that. Our attractions are so varied there is no possible way to do it all in one week. No matter what property you stay in, you’re always close to live entertainment, sports, kids’ adventures, parks, and museums, not to mention world-class shopping and excellent dining!

4. Affordability

As mentioned before, North Myrtle Beach is a fantastic drive-to destination, within hours of any major eastern metro area. This means that if you live on the right side of the country, you don’t have to fly here. That fact alone takes a ton of stress out of the typical family’s travel plans. While you may be stuck in a car for a while, you’re not at the mercy of an airline or TSA. No security checkpoints, expensive airfare, scheduling hassles, or flight delays. A family of 4 could save over $1000 just by opting to drive rather than fly. Accommodations are also relatively inexpensive, compared to other beach destinations. We always have great deals on amazing vacation properties, and we’re just a click or phone call away.

5. The Beach!

North Myrtle Beach is divided into four sections: Windy Hill, Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive, and Cherry Grove. Each area has unique characteristics, and the beach areas differ slightly from each other. No matter where you go, the famous Grand Strand beach remains beautiful, with soft sand, salty sea breezes, and warm, calm water perfect for swimming. Ocean Drive’s beach is popular, with beachside diners and large resorts. Cherry Grove’s beach is quiet and secluded, with shallow waters extending well out into the ocean. Cherry Grove also has a small inlet where you can take a boat out into the deep water or explore the channels and fish for flounder and bass. The beach gives you a peaceful, soothing feeling as you listen to the waves bounce off the shore, breathe the fresh air, and soak up the warm sunshine.

We hope you make this dream a reality — plan your vacation to North Myrtle Beach today!