30 OCT 2018

When you're at the beach this summer, it's important to remember to pick up after yourself. We all love to bring our favorite drinks and snacks to the shore so we can stay refreshed throughout the day. However, it's not fun to walk on cigarette butts, peanut shells, and Band-Aids. It's not a pretty sight, either. 
Here are a couple tips on how to make the beach more enjoyable for you and others.

Bring a trash bag with you to the beach. 

Trash bags are easy to pack within your cooler or beach bag. Pick up your peanut shells, candy wrappers, beer and soda cans, etc. It's simple to do, and involves very little thought. Most sections of North Myrtle Beach feature public trash cans so you don't have to carry your trash back to your vacation rental condo or home.

Pack up your beach toys and accessories.

You brought it down to the beach, so take it back to your vacation rental with you. Don't forget to take the cabana or beach umbrella down when you go back inside. Likewise for beach chairs, towels, beach toys, and clothes. There's a good chance that you may find your belongings missing when you come back to the same spot the next day or later that night.

I'd like to think that these are just a couple simple, common sense, ideas on how to better your day on the beach. A lot of people forget, and so it is important to remind everyone. Let's keep North Myrtle Beach beautiful for many years to come! — Jake Foutz, Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals