Pet Friendly Information

What is a family vacation without the entire family? When making plans for your next family beach vacation, don’t forget to include all the members of your family. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals offers North Myrtle Beach pet friendly vacation rentals so you never have to leave a loved one behind again! And of course, service animals are always welcome.

Your pet is a beloved member of your family and Ocean Drive Beach Rentals understands that.  We’ve put together a checklist to help you pack for your upcoming North Myrtle Beach vacation, as well as some travel tips to make the ride more enjoyable for all.
  • Medications: Before you travel with your pet, consult your veterinarian to make sure your pet is in good physical health and travel won’t be a burden on him/her. Pick up any refills on medications your pet might be taking. Don’t forget that heartworm medication!
  • Kennel or carrier: If you’ll be leaving your pet inside your vacation rental when you go out, please kennel him/her to prevent injury to your pet or damage to the rental. Always kennel your pet when traveling. Even a low speed vehicle accident can result in serious injury if your pet is not secure.
  • Food and water bowls: Keeping your pet on the same diet he/she is accustomed to will help prevent stomach problems. Traveling with bottled water for your pet is an excellent idea as well. During the trip down, you’ll have water on hand should you need it.
  • Lint brush/stain remover: Just in case! Please be courteous and clean up as much pet hair, etc. as you can.
  • Grooming tools: Include a comb/brush, nail clippers, pet shampoo and anything else your pet may need. Please do not groom your pet inside your vacation rental. Do it outdoors, away from other guests and clean up immediately.
  • Extra towels
  • Pet toys or chew items
  • Collar and leash(es): You may want to include an extra collar and leash as well.
  • Comfortable bedding: Bring along whatever your pet is accustomed to and what smells like “home.”
  • Identification: Be sure to record the license numbers, tattoo numbers and microchip numbers of your pets and bring this list with you. It’s also important to make sure your contact information is up-to-date.
  • Recent photo: If your pet is lost while you are traveling, a photo will come in very handy when describing him/her to others. Also make note of any unique identifying marks.
  • Animal first aid kit
If this is your pet’s first trip with the family, you might want to do a few “test runs.”  Start out with short, 10-15 minute trips around the neighborhood. If your pet does well with those, increase the length of time.  Lots of pets love car travel but some may not adapt as well as others. If your pet becomes queasy or sick, you may want to consult your vet for antinausea medications such as Cerenia (available by prescription) or Dramamine (sold over the counter.)

While traveling, keep fresh water available at all times. Avoid a sudden change of diet and make sure your pet’s food and water dishes are kept clean. You will also want to schedule enough time to stop for period “bathroom stops.” When parking, also choose a shady spot but don’t leave your pet alone inside your vehicle for any length of time. It doesn’t take long for a car to become hot enough to cause dehydration and heatstroke. When you stop, take turns staying with your pet and make sure to leave windows wide enough to let fresh air in but not too wide. You don’t want to let your pet out!

North Myrtle Beach loves pets but you must keep him/her on a leash at all times. When walking your pet on the beach or elsewhere in our beautiful city, please be prepared to pick up pet waste with either a bag or scooper. Also make sure your pet is a welcome part of the beach scenery by not allowing him/her to run up to others on the beach. Remember, being a good neighbor extends to the outdoors as well!