21 JUN 2014

This year, we have received a lot of questions from guests who are curious about the changes in beach regulations, especially regarding beach tents. The city of North Myrtle Beach has passed measures to ban certain types of beach shelters and shading devices on the beach this year. The ban is in effect from May 15th to September 15th.

According to the city, the primary reason for the ban is to make it easier for emergency personnel to reach swimmers and beachgoers that may need medical assistance. In the past, beach tents have essentially blocked police and medical responders from accessing the beach in certain places. There are some large access points at the beach that were made specifically for emergency vehicles, and it is important to keep these areas clear. When tents are placed on the beach, it is also more difficult for lifeguards and law enforcement to monitor the beach and keep vacationers safe.

Tents are defined as shelters or shading devices that are attached to the ground by more than one support. Even though the city has placed this ban on tents, visitors to the beach may still use chairs and umbrellas. These can still be rented on the beach as well. Also, for those that visit the beach after September 15th and before May 15th, tents are still permissible. You can find more info on beach regulations here, or visit Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ website for more details about renting property in the great city of North Myrtle Beach.