18 JUL 2018

North Myrtle Beach is a great place to relax while on vacation. We have a beautiful, clean, and wide beach strand perfect for all kinds of beach activities — from beach volleyball and bocce, to building sand castles, swimming, and surfing. It does get pretty hot on the beach strand, with temperatures clearing the mid-90s during our peak summer months. Use the following tips to stay cool on the beach, and you could enjoy several hours of fun in the Carolina sun. 

Set up your beach chair at the water's edge so you can rest with your feet in the water.

The combined ocean breezes and cool touch of the ocean will make you feel so relaxed and take away the effects of the hot air. I find this much more enjoyable than sweating bullets by setting up camp closer to the dunes. 

Bring a cabana or a beach umbrella to the beach for some shade. 

If you desire to be closer to the dunes and want to stay dry, try this trick! The shade that's provided by a good umbrella or cabana will take care of the direct glare of the sun and reduce the temperature by 10 degrees at times. Cabanas are great for larger family groups who want to stay on the strand for several hours. 

Stock a cooler with your favorite drinks and plenty of ice.

An ice cold drink on the beach is a MUST, and keeps you hydrated while dramatically cooling you down. Keep in mind; glass containers are not allowed on our beach and you may be fined if you have glass bottles. You wouldn't want to step on broken glass would you? 

Take a dip in the ocean.

After a long period of time laying or playing in the sun, it sure feels great to go jump in the Atlantic. Ocean temperatures warm up to 85 degrees. Time spent in the ocean will give you plenty of added energy to enjoy the rest of your time on the beach strand. 

Have a water balloon fight on the beach! 

This is another great idea for family fun. Just make sure to pick up all the pieces of broken balloon after you're done. There are other people and wildlife that would like to enjoy our clean beach as well.

Written By: Jake Foutz, Director of Marketing at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals