Talk To The Pros When Buying, Selling, And Renting At The Beach:

9 FEB 2019

Do you love the Myrtle Beach area? Have you ever vacationed in North Myrtle Beach and thought how divine it would be to live there? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about buying property in one of the best and most desirable beach resort towns on the East Coast!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is a full-service real estate office, specializing in buying and selling real estate in North Myrtle Beach. Our real estate division, Worley Properties, is your expert when it comes to buying or selling your beach property. Relocate to North Myrtle Beach, become a local, and enjoy our relaxed beach lifestyle!

Or, invest in a vacation property and earn a supplemental income by renting your property to eager vacationers. There is a high demand for large oceanfront houses and condos in the area, and luxury properties are rented at a premium price. When you decide on the perfect beach property and complete the purchase, we remain by your side as your property manager to rent your new unit and maximize your return on investment immediately.

The staff at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals and Worley Properties are experts in the real estate and vacation rental markets. We know how to market, maintain, and rent high quality properties in North Myrtle Beach like no other company. Our knowledge about the area and skill in property management make us the authority on North Myrtle Beach vacations.

Call our office today to speak with a real estate or vacation rental professional, or see our website for more info. Even if you bought your property through another agent, we still offer our unbeatable property management services to all homeowners in North Myrtle Beach. When it comes to buying, selling, or renting your property, make sure you choose the best!